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Inductive Proximity Sensors

Inductive proximity sensors reliably detect metallic targets without physical contact. Due to their robustness & reliability, they can be used in numerous industrial applications. The sensor generates a magnetic field that, if interrupted by a metal target within its sensing range, will change the state of the sensor. Proximity sensors are available from variety of housings (cylindrical, square, ring, cube, and rectangular) for many different applications. Sensing distance ranges up to 40mm with shielded or non-shielded mounting options.

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3mmø Inductive Proximity Sensors, 0.6~1mm Sensing Range

4mmø & M4 Inductive Proximity Sensors, 0.8~1.5mm Sensing Range

M5 Mini Inductive Proximity Sensors, 1.5mm Sensing Range




6.5mmø Inductive Proximity Sensors, 2~3mm Sensing Range

8mmø & M8 Inductive Proximity Sensors, 1.5~6mm Sensing Range

M12 Inductive Proximity Sensors, 2~10mm Sensing Range



10-50mm Ring-prox-bucket

M18 Inductive Proximity Sensors, 5~20mm Sensing Range

M30 Inductive Proximity Sensors, 10~40mm Sensing Range

10~50mmø Ring Non-tubular Inductive Proximity Sensors


Food & Beverage-prox-bucket

High Temperature-prox-bucket

Square & Rectangular Non-tubular Inductive Proximity Sensors

M12~M18 IP68 / IP69K Food & Beverage Inductive Proximity Sensors

100°C High Temperature Stainless Steel PTFE Inductive Proximity Sensors