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Safety Store

Browse through our Safety Store for wide range of safety devices from world-renowned manufacturers. This store features safety light curtains, industrial safety mats (made in the USA), safety relays, basic safety gate switches, solenoid interlock gate switches, safety limit switches, industrial e-stop operators, non-contact safety door switches, rope pull switch, HBA handheld pendant stations, door handle switch, and AGV sensors. We are an authorized stocking distributor of Euchner, Bircher Reglomat, Contrinex.

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Safety Relays Bucket

CES Safety Mats

Safety Light Curtains

Safety Relays


Safety Mats

NZ1VZ Bucket


NZ1HS bucket

Basic Gate Switches

Solenoid Interlock Gate Switches

Safety Limit Switch


CMS Series bucket

Rope pull Switches

Industrial E-stop Operators

Non Contact Safety Door Switches

Rope Pull Switch




HBA Handheld pendant Stations


Door Handle Switch


AGV Sensors


EEC Quick Disconnects

UL508 Machine Safety Disconnects